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Ansible roles may contain nested plugins and modules

Sooner or later, you’re going to ask yourself Is it possible to import remote Ansible modules to use them on my playbook

Yes, you can.

If desired, you can for instance call this (taken from a remote git repository) Ansible action_plugin that allows you to reconnect ssh connections:

It’s up to you if you use ansible-galaxy to install the remote action_plugin, as described on the docs:

ansible-galaxy install git+,0b7cd353c0250e87a26e0499e59e7fd265cc2f25

Or if you prefer to specify a list of role dependencies in the meta/main.yml file

dependencies: - src: geerlingguy.ansible - src: git+ version: 775396299f2da1f519f0d8885022ca2d6ee80ee8 name: composer

Give it a try and may the force be with you!